JeyLabr Group

JeyLabr Group

We help brands drive conversion, growth, and revenues, by offering innovative solutions, marketing tools, and fully scalable integrated websites.

We plan a growth hacking strategy for your brand, build the website and actions to achieve your objectives and, finally, analyse the results.

Discover our managed cloud hosting solution and long term support for keep up to date your WordPress core, the popular themes and plugins.

Our Process


Strategic planning should match your brand, your business, your goals and your customers. Our marketing plan model is the most effective and efficient way to grow your brand. We recognize your goals, analyze the marketing performance of your existing business model and optimize your marketing funnel. After, we build the strategy with a marketing plan to convert your visitors into brand embassadors.


We put all our resources in place to implement your new marketing plan. In partnership, we use creative agencies and freelancers to deploy your brand on various channels and we are implementing digital marketing tools your business needs. All in all, your various channels of distribution and communication will be optimized and marketing operations are simplified, by means of digital.


We ensure your market in order to find new marketing practices and we keep an eye in your marketing metrics and results. At the same time, we support you in your digital marketing throughout your growth and improving according to your brand needs.

Introducing Cloud Hosting

Our managed cloud hosting solution use the most powerful technologies on the market to deploy your WordPress and your WooCommerce across the cloud.

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